Please support local businesses! 

need healthy pet food, toys or supplies?

There are two wonderful, locally owned and operated pet stores in Bushwick. Bushwick Bark, at 175 Knickerbocker Avenue, and Bushy Tails, at 177 Irving Avenue and at the Loom on Flushing Avenue. Both stores have good prices and will deliver those giant bags of food.

need a great vet?

Natara Loose, The Neighborhood Vet, treats pets in Bushwick and Bed Stuy with love, compassion and a sense of joy. She has a mobile clinic and does house calls, which removes tons of the stress of taking your pet somewhere crowded and unfamiliar. She will take great care of your buddies and set your mind at ease!

need a ride?

If you need your dog to get somewhere, with or without you, please contact Barry at Daily Treat Pet Care, Barry is a wonderful walker in Williamsburg and provides safe, reliable transport for dogs and cats in the Tri-State area.

need a dog or cat?

There are adorable cats available for adoption or fostering at both the pet stores listed above. There are many great rescue organizations in Brooklyn, and I am a huge fan of BARC Shelter, a no kill shelter in Williamsburg, that does great work and where I found a best friend of mine many, many years ago.

share the love?

If you already have a great dog, consider training together to become a therapy team. I love the work that they are doing at The Good Dog Foundation, bringing the healing power of animals to those who need it most.